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6 Reasons Why We Love Canva

Does a simple text attract more customers? Not really! You have to add a visual aid to it to make it attractive and engaging. And apart from that, visuals explain a lot of things instantly. That’s why books, magazines, online shopping stores, and all other platforms, which are somehow related to buyer and seller interaction, include content with relevant artwork. This strategy is widely used by organizations to create a brand identity. 

However, every image you see online is edited or at least colour-corrected to make it appealing and catchy. While most people use complicated photo editing software and pay hefty prices to do this job, you can opt for Canva if you need quick and brilliant photo editing for your projects.

So, here are the 6 reasons why we all love working on Canva when it comes to creating or modifying an image for your social media campaign, blog, website, or any other platform.

  1. Canva is User-Friendly

First things first, if you’re using Canva, you are going to love its simplicity. You don’t have to be a certified graphic designer or an artist to create or edit photos. The options are way too uncomplicated that even a teenage boy or a girl can use it. But wait! If it’s easy to use, it doesn’t mean it’s unprofessional. The point is that all the options are there in front of your eyes. There are basic tools but with next-level results to make sure you don’t bother yourself on using complex photo editors where you have to select multiple tools to get a single image edited.

  1. Built-in Designs and A Whole Lot of Templates

Not sure what design would work for the campaign? Don’t ruin your mood and hurt your head to create designs from the scratch. Why? Because Canva offers all-purpose designs including posters, gift certificates, brochures, visiting cards, and more! This gives you access to shape excellent advertising content for your business in a heartbeat. Plus, you can choose a perfect image size to fit on different platforms including, Twitter, Pinterest, Google, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

Another awesome feature is the built-in templates to use on your images. More to this, you can find thousands of free templates with numerous themes to suit your content. Also, you can add your own brand voice, fonts, colours, and all relevant artwork to match your brand’s theme.

And if you can’t find a theme that goes with what’s popping in your head, you can always begin canvasing your ideas on a blank canvas.

  1. Free BUT Affordable Too!

Confused with the title? Here’s what you need to know. Although Canva is free online editing software that offers thousands of graphics, icons, photos, font options, background designs, templates, and illustrations, you can still get a premium artwork at $1.

So the question is why do you need to pay when there’s free stuff? Well, it’s not a mandatory option, but if free work is utilized by countless businesses, then chances are that some brands might have the same artwork as yours. That’s why people also prefer paying a little amount to make sure the brand identity remains protected.

  1. Hassle-Free Sharing

Unlike ordinary editors where sharing seems a struggle, Canva allows you to share the final version of your edited image on multiple platforms. With this application, you can share files to your PC or directly to your social media on your social media accounts. And if you have a CanvaPro, you can also add your team members to your account, and they are permitted to download the file. Additionally, you can also share the design through email or link.

  1. Storage and Access

One of the best things about Canva is storage. As a free user, you can save your designs and resume working on it whenever you feel like. The application can save several projects so that you can continue creating attractive images anytime and from anywhere.

  1. Stock Images

Did you know that Canva adds 200,000 new images every day which can be accessed by free users? But if you have a Pro membership, then your reach increases to 2 million stock images, which help you create a fantastic design.

Canva offers liberty to all the users when it comes to producing a jaw-dropping design. With an embellished stock library and various other useful options, you can make winning high-quality social media posts, logos, flyers, and many other things without wasting your time. 

Besides, going for the copyrighted themes and designs is also extremely inexpensive. So undoubtedly Canva is a one-stop branding solution that is benefiting countless businesses and individuals around the globe.

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