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Customer Profiles, what are they?

So, dare I ask, has business slowed down?  I think many people are in the same boat. Although it isn’t ideal (OK, let’s be honest- it’s complete BS) however, a lull in business does present an excellent opportunity to get your ducks in a row. There might be elements of your marketing strategy that you didn’t quite get around to doing when you started the business and marketing should be adapted to suit the current climate.  In this blog I am going to explain how to make a customer profile. As part of your marketing strategy, it is beneficial to create a customer profile so you can tailor your marketing strategy to target them.

What is a customer profile?

A customer profile enables a business to identify different attributes of their customers. This then can be built in with your marketing strategy and used to make sure that your marketing campaigns are talking to the right people. It will also help you to understand what your customers and clients are looking for.

How do you make a customer profile? You need to identify the following aspects of your ideal customers and adapt your marketing accordingly to reap the best results.


Demographic data is the information about a person such as age, race, marital status, children, education, and job. Use this information to adapt the marketing campaign and make sure the right type of marketing is being placed in the right environment. A product that is aimed at a single female teenager might catch their eye on social media using modern language and graphics, whereas a product marketed to a married 60-year-old male might look to use subtle humor, interesting facts and clear concise information. Have a look at how different companies market their products to different genders and generations.


This sounds super-nosy, but I find it interesting. Psychographics refers to the mentality and personality of a person. It can include things like hobbies and interests, their tastes in music, food and literature, what film and book genres do they like? Are they on social media, if so what platforms to they use and how do they interact? What are their lifestyle habits? A stay-at-home mum will have completely different day-to-day activities to a retiree, even their sense of humor will differ, so knowing the psychographics allows a marketer to further fine-tune marketing to the customers tastes.  When you think about your marketing content, draw inspiration from similar brands and how they adapt to the psychographic of their customers.

Buying habits

This is helpful if you want to launch a new product, as you can use information about the sales and marketing of previous product launches. Alternatively, you could use information about a comparable product released by a competitor to gauge the interest yours will get and predict sales. Marketing can be aimed at people who have previously shown in interest and have bought similar products in the past and information about those consumers can be used in the creation of the profile.

Geographic area

The area that the customer can be a contributory factor in the delivery and content of a marketing campaign. Products might be aimed at consumers on a global scale, or a smaller rural community. Knowing the area of residence of the customer contributes to the customer profile and can influence the marketing of the products. Pay attention to how different brands market products and services in your local area compared with brands who target customers on a national scale.


The income of the consumer determines the lifestyle to which they are accustomed. From this you can tailor marketing efforts accordingly. Is the consumer lavish and extravagant or financially savvy and a committed saver? Is the consumer living comfortably and enjoying niceties in life, are they investing in doing up their first home or are they renting with limited disposable income? Identifying the lifestyle of the consumer will help with marketing decisions like pricing and packaging. Whether it be luxury branding, eco-conscious packaging or budget pricing, determining the lifestyle of the customer is a useful piece of the customer profile puzzle.

By ensuring your marketing is customer-focused you can increase your chances of it being effective and driving higher sales. Also, when posting things on your socials you can ensure you are talking to this person specifically. You may have different customers for different areas of your business, it is normal for a business to have up to 8 different profiles.

Also, it is also helpful to share with friends and family looking to support you and your business who you would like a customers / clients so they can invite or share your business with people who fit that criteria.

If you have any questions or would like help creating your customer profiles, then please do get in touch. Remember we can be your virtual marketing department whether that is one job or managing your entire marketing needs.

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