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How to Write a Blog that People Read?

You just can’t force someone to read your blog, isn’t it? So what makes readers so obsessed with a particular blogger? Well, there’s no rocket science behind the logic, but a few simple techniques, can do wonders. So, whether you are a newbie or have been blogging for quite a few years, there are many things you can do to attract traffic to each blog post. So want to know how? Just keep scrolling!

Step 1 – Know Your Audience

Blogs are written for humans, so make sure you know who your readers are or could be. For instance, if you are blogging about a bicycle, you can expect readers with the same interest. Therefore, you should know what you are writing, and for whom you are blogging. Many bloggers fail to understand that they should work in a specific niche to target the audience. They prefer a mixture of multiple-topics, which, most of the time, proves to be a big failure.

Step 2 – Brainstorm and Filter the Ideas

Assuming you are a bike-freak and willing to write to blog about bikes, then try to research for popular ideas before drafting anything. For example, bikes have different types, so your reader could be a fan of a mountain bike, or he or she could be an admirer of an electric bike. That’s why it is important to list the ideas at this stage.

Some attractive ideas could be:

  1. Technology and cycling
  2. Old mountain bike vs. a new bike
  3. Fixing tips for biking

And there could be many more. All you need is to think, research, and list down the ideas. And keep in mind that ideas are not titles. At this stage, you just need to find topics. 

The idea can be based on a single concept (fixing bike issues), or it could be a composite of multiple related topics (technology and cycling).

Once you have made the list, filter out the most searchable ones.

You might need to have a basic idea about SEO to find the high search volume keywords according to your filtered topics.

Step 3 – Focus on the Title

This is the most essential part of your blog. If the title isn’t interesting, there are minimum chances that the readers would visit your site. Why? Because search engines don’t showcase your entire content on the search pages. Thus, the only thing that makes people come to your blog is by judging the title. So considering ideas from step-2, some click-bait titles could be:

  1. Awesome Cycling Applications for iPhone
  2. 10-Ways to Make Your Old Mountain Bike Look New
  3. How to Fix Common Bicycle Problems

Step 4 – Have a Content Plan and Using Proper Headings

The next step is what some people call outlines or content plan. Once you have decided on the topic, its time to list down the points you will be covering in the blog. Also, you should accurately format the headings. 

For instance, the title is always the H1 (heading 1) while the rest may fall into H2, H3, and so on. So, if you are working on ‘Awesome Cycling Applications for iPhone’, then you should start with an introduction, mention the apps along with their benefits, and end your content with a conclusion.

Let’s see how the content plan would look like:

  • Title: Awesome Cycling Applications for iPhone (H1)Introduction (H2)
  • Famous Cycling Apps for iPhone Users (H2)

If there is no description for this heading, then the next subheading will be formatted in H3. Otherwise, you can keep it as an H2. Therefore:

  • Name of application 1 (H2) 
  • Benefits of application 1 (H2)


  • Name of application 2 (H2)
  • Benefits of application 2 (H2)
  • Name of application 3 (H2)
  • Benefits of application 3 (H2) 

And so on…

  • Conclusion (H2)

Remember, the above content plan is to help you get a view. You are always free to think out of the box!

Step 5 – Find Facts, Add Facts, and Include Visuals

Alright! So you have finally written your piece, but are you sure that all the facts you are using have strong evidence? Keep in mind that your blog can be of zero value if the content has no legit information. That is why you must research well before publishing it.

And lastly, do not forget to add relevant images, videos, infographics, or anything visuals to your text, as it keeps visitors fascinated about your blog.

Writing a blog is easy, but writing a blog that people enjoy reading is a bit tricky. You have to make sure that your topic, titles, and the main content all are properly formatted, supported with images, and fun to read. Moreover, they should be well written and well structured. Once you are done with all the points, you are all set to publish a great blog that could attract millions of eyes.

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