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Instagram Stories – What are They?

No one thought that social media would be as popular as it is. Believe it or not, but social platforms like Instagram have created stars and celebrities. 

Moreover, such platforms have become the main reason for the high sales of numerous businesses. However, despite several social apps, Instagram is the most celebrated one. 

Why? Because it has proved to be one of the most widely used social media tools for marketing. And thanks to the ‘Instagram Stories’ feature for playing a vital role for every individual and business, as it’s a great source of engagement for existing followers. 

What are Instagram Stories?

Did you know that there are more than almost 1 billion people who use Instagram in a day? And guess what? Half of them are found using Instagram Stories to promote their business, or simply their lifestyle.

Now, of course, there’s no comparison between the work done by professionals compared to yours, as it requires proper research and skills. However, Instagram Stories have become a great attraction for individuals, businesses, and agencies.

So what’s an Instagram Story? Well, it’s visual content you post on Instagram that stays visible for 24 hours. It can be a photograph, a 10-second video, or a combination of both. The main aim of this feature is to tell your followers and the rest of the world about your current activities. 

So, the more attractive stories on your Instagram account, the more chances of establishing close connections with the audience. 

So for example, you own a pub, and you want your followers to know what exactly you’re up to. Now, let’s suppose you are offering a new cocktail, and you want your followers to quickly find about it. Snap a picture, or make a video, and post it to your Instagram Stories, and people will eventually see it because they know the post will be removed automatically after 24 hours. 

Keep in mind that people might miss or ignore seeing your Instagram story, but they won’t lose the opportunity to see your feed. And the story will do wonders for your pub by enhancing the engagement and reach to the next level. 

Although the “pub” example is just to help you understand the mechanism of Instagram Stories, you can use the same strategy for different purposes. So it doesn’t matter if you’re a model, artist, photographer, or have a small baking business, the Stories feature will benefit you in every way.

How to Use Instagram Stories?

Using Instagram Stories to interact with your audience is fun. People can view your stories by simply tapping your profile photo. They will see the content in proper chronological order (from old to new). And yes! They can react to them as well through stickers.

Undoubtedly, using stickers to your Stories is the best thing you can do to get opinions, likes, or simply to tell your location. So, want to know what type of stickers you can use? Here’s the list of the most famous ones:

  • Location sticker

You can use this sticker to tell your followers about the location. You can search for a location from the search bar, tap on it, and it will be added to your post. 

  • Hashtag sticker

Add a hashtag on your favorite Instagram story by simply choosing the hashtag sticker. 

  • Poll sticker

Poll stickers are entertaining. You can use them to ask questions and get results from followers through votes. It’s a great way to find what your followers and friends think about an event, discussion, or anything else.

  • Countdown sticker

Got big news to tell? Here’s your chance to increase your followers’ curiosity by putting a countdown sticker on your Instagram story. 

Note: If your account is public, hashtag and location stickers can help your story to be found on the “Explore” tap.

Other Available Stickers

  • Emoji Slider
  • Temperature 
  • Questions 
  • Time 
  • Chat 
  • GIF 
  • Music
  • @Mention

Stickers are great for building excitement. But if anything confuses you, don’t forget that you can always get in touch.

Whether you’re a celebrity, a businessman, or an individual who is trying to interact with the followers, good communication is the key to increase engagement. And there’s no better way than using your Instagram Stories to make a strong connection with the audience. 

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