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Logo design, tears & tantrums!

As this is our first blog we thought we would tell you all about our logo design, tears & tantrums!

Your brand is a representation of who you are and what it says about you, that’s why it is so exciting designing a logo because you are starting the process of branding.  

We were so looking forward to starting our business; we had been friends for a long time and had spent some time working together. The most important thing we needed to do was to come up with ‘the brand’. We needed a company name and logo. You’d think that’d be the easy part however it turned out to be the part that involved lots of tears, tantrums and hair pulling.

Then we moved on to look at our USP, we realised, our USP was us! We have to market ourselves and help people to understand who they will be working with. We both come from farming backgrounds and our office was going to be on a farm, after toying with the idea of ‘Complete Cow’ which we both loved the checkiness of, we then found our favourite and the obvious choice… ‘The Marketing Barn’.


The easy part was the colours, we knew from the offset we wanted to use, mustard/yellow & burgundy/berry. This was because they were our favourite colours and people knew that Charlotte loves everything mustard and I tend to wear a lot of burgundy. We wanted to really help our brand to represent us. This helped us to start creating Pinterest boards to get a feel for what we both wanted.

The name and the colours decided we now needed to decide on the logo. We didn’t want to be pigeon-holed ‘marketing for the farming community’ as Charlotte and I have both had experience working with many non-farming related organisations and individuals.

I (Sarah) loved the idea of having the logo in the form of a stamp, this is because I think it looks modern with a real rustic feeling. Charlotte found an amazing font which she was determined to incorporate and we decided that we could use those two things to create a simplistic logo.

We then spent days both of us creating designs and trying to find the perfect one, this was when the tears, tantrums and lots of hair pulling began. We had created lots that we liked but me being the more girly one, my designs came out looking like a florist & Charlotte’s ended up bakery styled (she’s a foodie!) and then after hours of fiddling we started over thinking it. See the logos that didn’t make the cut below.

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Then we realised that we just needed to bring it back a step and try to stick to the simplistic style we first liked. We then came up with our current logo (celebratory bottle of wine… or two!), no it’s not perfect and down the line we are sure we will make amends to it as we grow but we right now it represents us.

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We have come to learn that when designing a logo the first and most important thing to know is what a business is trying to represent because sometimes it isn’t always what they do but who they are.

If you need a logo designed please give Charlotte or I (Sarah) a call on 01460 455075; we’d love to work with you.

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