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Low-Cost Marketing Ideas to Attract Customers

Spending years to build a business is a tough task. But that’s not just it. Imagine, working hard on your business, figuring out products or services to offer, but not getting a good response. Oh! What a heartache, right? And that’s where marketing comes to the rescue.

The main aim of marketing is to increase your business reach. Moreover, to target the right audience to assure sales. However, not every business is capable of spending billions on marketing like Coca Cola and Nike.

Although you can opt for businesses like us to help grow your business 😉 you can apply some inexpensive marketing ideas yourself to get your brand registered in the minds of your potential customers, prospects, and existing clients.

Creating Facebook and Instagram Pages

Platforms like Facebook and Instagram are the greatest booms of the 21st century. These are the two most widely used sources to market brands. They are easy, simple, and way too fascinating to be missed. Moreover, you can link Facebook and Instagram together to get more attention. This may sound like a very simple step, however so many businesses still don’t use these platforms.

So, starting with Facebook, all you need to do is to create a page, add attractive posts, such as images and videos, write attractive content, set your target audience and set up Facebook Ads, if budget allows. And the best part is that you don’t have to be a Ph.D. degree holder to do the job. A little careful research of your competitors and tools can help you achieve your goals.

Website and Blogging

The next cheap marketing strategy is having a website and blogging about your product or service. The more you will blog about your business, the better your search rankings would be. And as a consequence, people will start knowing you and your business. And a tiny effort on creating high-quality content regularly will only cost you your time. 

Ads in the Local Media

No, not asking to make a proper TV commercial and buy expensive slots to run the ad. Or even calling reporters to cover your brand because let’s face it, they wouldn’t do it unless you are organizing an event where you have some prominent faces as the brand ambassadors. For sure, not everyone can afford making Emma Watson or David Beckham their brand ambassador in the beginning. So, how about using your local newspaper? They would probably be keen to support a local business. 

Print media is still working for most businesses, and it might work for you too. You can pay for an advertising spot in a popular newspaper that is still trendy and it can help you market your business. This should also be a strong consideration for any business that targets a much older demographic than the younger social media users. 

Brand the Van

Not only the van, but any vehicle you are using for business can be utilised for marketing. For instance, if you have a bakery and you own a car to deliver big orders, you can get it advertised in your business name. It won’t cost you much, and wherever you’ll go, people will notice the van/car.

Google My Business

Often overlooked, many businesses still don’t have a Google My Business listing. You don’t have to have a physical location to be listed. Please read our previous blog to find out more about Google My Business and how to set up.

Business Cards

Despite an old technique, business cards still work well in the marketing world. So, If you don’t have one yet, get them printed, but make sure the card has an attractive design because that’s a way to recall a brand. And if you struggle in deciding how the card should be in terms of design, then you can always send us a message to get a well-structured and highly-engaging business card.

Marketing is all about spreading awareness about your big or small business. And although heavy monetary resources are needed to market a business, there are still some economical ways to make things work. You can opt for some affordable marketing ideas or take advice from us on any of the above. Marketing doesn’t have to be expensive to be effective.

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