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Coronavirus – Your business marketing

As government try to slow the spread of the coronavirus pandemic, nearly every individual and business now feels the impact in one way or another.

With events cancelling and businesses closing with no knowing when they will reopen, these are uncertain times for everyone. Whilst it maybe tempting to pause your marketing, with finances tight and family at home, pausing spending might have an impact when the time comes to reopen. Its about changing your marketing strategy to ensure you are following inline with your customer profiles.


Hunderd/thousands of brands have suspended, delayed or shifted planned marketing campaigns in light of the coronavirus. AdAge has been keeping a running list of how brands are responding. It is very interesting to watch.

For instance, Cadbury pulls an Easter campaign, as it shows an older gentlemen hiding eggs for his Grandchildren, but in the light of the new social distancing they have removed this. Also all McDonald’s restaurants have closed. Disney Land has closed.

As we all navigate this unknown, we should respond with empathy and sensitivity to the world’s concerns. That includes carefully considering all social media posts and how they might be received in the midst of the pandemic.

Marketing to do in the midst of the chaos

Here are a few things your busines should consider doing.

  • Ensuring your website content is well-optimized for search, reasearching keywords, meta tags,
  • Updating your Google My Business page with the most accurate, up-to-date information
  • Improve your website user experience – maybe you could team up with another business to test each others websites.
  • Explore paid advertising opportunities, including social media ads, google ads
  • Develop a bank of video marketing to stand out in your customers’ crowded newsfeeds
  • Write blogs that cover a range of things and schedule them for your site
  • Drill down on your customer profiles – This is one of my next blogs. 😉
  • Create templates in canva

Sticking with it

Even if your customers aren’t buying right now or you have had to close your business, you can stay at the top of their minds by considering their needs and providing value through challenging times.

Educational content that helps to solve their problems will always be in demand. So will inspiring videos, real life, creative designs and innovative ideas.

While the coronavirus pandemic has already had a significant impact on the business community and the economy, your business still has plenty of opportunities to be there for your customers and prospects through the crisis. Although it’s frustrating to back away from face-to-face interactions, you can offset some of that impact by ramping up your online presence. If you need help planning your next move or revisiting your marketing strategy in response to the coronavirus crisis, we’re here to help.

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