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5 Favourite Apps Right Now

Mobile apps can make a world of difference in your personal and business life. Here are my top 5 favourite mobile apps on my phone right now.
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  1. Slack – Since Sarah and I have been working together communication is key, we don’t always work right next to each other but we are constantly communicating. Slack is a modern, convenient as it is cloud-based and syncs across all devices (web, desktop and mobile) in real-time, tool but the user interface is what I love the most because it makes it incredibly simple to stay on top of conversations. Using Twitter-like hashtags to create channels, Slack keep discussions about certain projects in dedicated areas of the board.
  2. TinyScan is one of the smartest apps I’ve ever come across. If I’m looking to turn a physical sheet of paper into a PDF, which is quite often, all I have to do is simply snap a photo with this app, and it immediately turns it into a PDF file that I can send off. It crops for you, rotates, fixes colour balance—it does everything. A brilliant tool that I couldn’t be without now.
  3. Wordswag – We both love this app, as it is a really simple app that you can add text to your picture, sounds so simple and yes it is, but there are also lots of fab effects and layouts available, great for those last minute social media posts when you don’t have time for photoshop.
  4. Ripl – Going on from wordswag another great tool we use occasionally, which lots of people ask us about is ripl, ripl creates great little image based videos that can be used on all platforms of social media, we love ripl as it just adds a bit of movement to any social media posts and again all from your phone and no complicated programs.
  5. Screen Time – Now sometimes this isn’t one of my favourite apps, well if you can call it an app as it is now inbuilt to all of our iPhone settings, but there is something about comparing Sarah and I’s screen analytics seeing how productive we have both been, or how many times we got distracted by Instagram or snapchat, today alone I have had 51 snapchat notifications, but there is defiantly something that can be learnt from all this information.

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