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Opps, What happened?

Okay, so since February 2019 I haven’t written a blog, I didnt have lots of views, but the odd few! This wasn’t on purpose, a huge business lesson has been learnt.

I have spent the last 12 months working within The Marketing Barn and not on it the way I would of liked, so over December and January I have been taken the business a bit steadier, working on my own marketing plan and redoing my own website to hopefully simplify and define my niche and what I really want to achieve.

My personal networking spill on the business is… I am Charlotte England, Mum of two boys and I run The Marketing Barn, I am the small / medium businesses virtual marketing department. 

I love to help businesses achieve their business goals through friendly and understandable all round marketing approach.

As a evergrowing business owner it is hard to have knowledge in all aspects of your business and marketing it aswell as running it, that is where I come in. I live breath and constantly learning new approaches and angles to do with all types of marketing. 

As a business owner and mum I understand the struggles of multi tasking and wanting to move your business forward.

I have helped a wide range of local businesses grow from concept through to reality. By helping them launch with a recognisable logo which portrays them and all printed and digital material all come inline with the brand we created.

With an all round approach I really feel we can support you business.

So I maybe a month late, but here is to a wonderful consistent 2020 from us! Watch out for new blogs.

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