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Reputation Marketing 

What is reputation marketing? Well, reputation marketing is the process of managing and influencing a potential customer’s perception of your brand/business. The aim is to highlight the positive sides of the brand. Then to promote these into a funnel that converts them into leads and then those shoppers into customers.

How potential customers view your brand and what your own customers publicly say about you, can have a huge impact on your reputation. It doesn’t matter about the size or type of business you have, your organization needs to be able to manage online reviews, comments on your socials, mentions and even unsolicited feedback you may receive. With information now at our fingertips from google to social media, customers actively seek information from all types of sources to guide their decisions.

However, this does mean that businesses that aren’t highly viable in search results and are not active on social media – do not have an advantage over their competitors who are actively posting on social media and updating their websites, these are the businesses building trust with their customers.

One of the easiest and most effective way of building trust is through online reviews, this is where reputation marketing comes into play. Social media is not just about follows and likes, by having online reviews you start to improve your trustworthiness and create this trust into sales. Brand reputation either regularly brings opportunities to your door or drives leads away. This is why companies need to focus on reputation marketing, which is why its key to create a positive reputation you’re not playing “damage control” when your business gets a negative review. Instead, you’re using your reputation as a positive asset to drive sales.


 Monitor what your customers are saying about you, monitoring ensures that we can maximize every opportunity to promote your business in a positive way. 


Reviews, reviews, reviews! The more you have the more trustworthy and ‘real’ you are to your customers. Written, meaningful reviews are far more vulnerable than just a rating and show how you interact with your customers during their encounter with you.


Customers trust feedback and opinions from one another more than messaging from brands, the amplification stage is where you get your message promoted by a range of people, building a personal network.

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