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Responsive Design – Why it is so important?

Following a recent meeting, I decided to write a quick blog about why having a responsive website is so important. We have come across a few clients lately whos websites are not currently responsive.

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So What is Responsive Design?
It’s a way of laying out and coding a website so that the websites provide a perfect viewing experience based on the size of the device or screen accessing the content. The navigation and text should be easier to read with little need for panning and zooming.

Why is Responsive Web Design important?
With so many people owning a smartphone or tablet, it is peoples go to for internet browsing meaning the number of screen sizes accessing any website is so vast.

One example of this is a client who had 60% of their users using a mobile or tablet, and they had a bounce rate of 40% (Bounce rate is when someone only visits one page on your website), now obviously there could be loads of reasons why people might have only visited one page, but if those users are anything like me, they would be searching on their phones, and it was too much effort to find what they were looking for, so they decided to look at a different website for the information that is needed.

The experience for the user should be seamless, being able to access the information required through a few clicks no matter what device is being used.

So you build a Website and it just arranges for its content for all devices?
Well yes it does, but this is where a lot of other marketing agencies getting it wrong, it shouldn’t be about it just rearranging. There then needs to be thought that goes into the removal of certain aspects of the site for smaller screen sizes, for instances do you need to show 10 pictures on the homepage, let’s show 1 on mobile and 4 on a tablet. It isn’t just about the technology it is about delivering the ultimate experience to help the user to get to the end goal of purchasing.

If you would like to discuss a responsive website project please feel free to contact us.

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