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Does your social media take a back seat when life gets hectic? Ours too!

Wow, hasn’t it been a fantastic summer so far? It’s amazing how small businesses can grow to become very hectic in such a short period of time and it so easy for social media to take a back step. But wait! Social media isn’t about overnight success, it’s about providing a steady flow of information to your audience, building a strong personal brand and developing a loyal following. We wanted to write an honest blog about how it seems ironic that when we became busy we forgot these fundamental principles! Read on to hear our experience to avoid the mistakes we made…

It was not planned for both of us to be moving house within the same month but unfortunately, sometimes that is just how things go and we were both ecstatic to move and get settled into our new routine! Once I had moved, I was very busy, decorating, cleaning & building desks! This was when Charlotte then moved and with her two little ones, moving house and having to put up with me (I hate moving!!) we struggled to keep on top of our usual amounts of posting over our social media with looking after our client’s social media, websites and printing. We were so focused on the service we were offering to our clients that we neglected our own social media strategy.

We both know how important it is to keep your customers & potential clients updated on what you are doing and what you could offer, as you will know if you are already a client of ours, we can nag sometimes about making sure you are posting and communicating with your audience, if we don’t do your social media for you already. Unfortunately, we did not listen to our own advice and we noticed a massive drop in enquiries whilst we were both busy working, moving and focusing on our client’s.

We are both now moved and settled you will be glad to hear and we are having so much fun on our social media again… Do not neglect your social media and do not undermine the effect it could have on your business starting to use social media or just simply pushing it more. 

Here are our bloopers from having far too much fun filming for our latest video on Facebook, we’re back with a vengeance!

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