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What is Google Analytics?

If you’re not sure what Google Analytics is all about, or you haven’t installed it on your website yet, then this blog is for you. So get ready to learn what Analytics can do to your online platform.

What is Google Analytics?

As the word ‘analytics’ suggests, Google Analytics is a web-based program that offers analysis to track all the websites and presents it in the form of a report. A simple copy-paste of a JavaScript code from Google Analytics to your site’s header or footer allows you to see the entire analysis on your device’s screen or a code or a simple plugin if your site is with WordPress. The best part is that everything is done in real-time. So, if you’re the owner of a site, you can see the number of visitors coming to it and their locations.

No wonder it’s one of the most prominent digital analytics software ever made and a big round of applause to Google for making things simple and easy. The program is used by numerous big and small organisations, e-commerce services, and individuals to get accurate insights so that they can create successful marketing strategies.

Learning from Google Analytics

Despite Google Analytics is a free service, it comes with a lot of advantages for the users. Not just the traffic, but you can learn a lot of other valuable things through this online solution. Let’s dig deep to see what fruits can you keep in the basket!

Understand the Most Profitable and Traffic-Generating Conversions of Online Campaign

Google Analytics provides complete information related to the online campaigns you have made to sell products or services. For example, if you have a renewable energy business, and you’re running a campaign on Google Adwords or a social media platform about green home grants, you can link the campaign with Google Analytics to get the insights. This will help you know to understand the grounds why a particular campaign is successful or a complete failure. You can learn from the success factors and apply the same rules to your weaker campaigns to get mind-blowing results.

Find the Location of Your Best Visitors

Determining the target audience is one of the toughest tasks for businesses and individuals, but it is the only way to sell your products to the right customers. But the question is that how can you find the best audience and their areas? Well, the simple answer is Google Analytics.

You just need to click the ‘visitors’ tab on your Analytics dashboard to identify the age, place, and several other factors of your visitors, so that you can tap the same market and segment to make sure your product or service is sold.

Learn What People are Searching on Your Website

SEO helps in bringing visitors to your website while Google Analytics provides information about what those visitors are looking for. For instance, you are selling women’s clothing and you have two products ‘A’ and ‘B’. So with the help of Google Analytics, you can see if ‘A’ has more potential customers, or the product ‘B’. In that way, you might invest more in the popular product and work hard on it because it has more interested buyers. 

Find the Most Clickable and Worst Content

So you have a blog with several posts, but couldn’t find out which topic or niche interest visitors the most? Let Google Analytics do the magic. By clicking the ‘In-Page Analytics’, you can learn the highest visited blog posts within a few seconds. It will help you gain knowledge about what niches to work on in the future so that you can have maximum impressions. Likewise, you can also discover the most neglected content and unnecessary pages present on your blog or website with minimum attention.

See the Highest Added Product in the Shopping Cart

If you an online store, then here’s your chance to know what the most added product is in the shopping cart are. Similarly, you can also learn about the specific product that was included in the shopping cart, but the buyer didn’t purchase it. Google Analytics permits you to determine the reasons behind the make or break of the commodities, so you can improve the marketing strategies and rectify the errors.

No more wasting time and money on doing experiments on getting insights about your website, as Google Analytics offers in-depth analysis for free. From demographics to segmentation, you can learn several useful things through this application.

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