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What is Google My Business and why should you have it?

Whether you have a physical location or you serve a certain area Google My Business is a must for your business.

What is a Google My Business Listing?

If you’ve ever Googled a business and seen their business listing looking like the left—with a phone number, opening hours, address, website etc.—you might wonder how you do this for your business. The answer is simple: Google My Business.

To set this up you start by going to You can then control the exact information that people see when they Google your business, and add in special opening times like bank holidays. Although you can’t always control what happens in the search results, but you can add in key service and keywords to maybe help you appear more often.

How Does a Google Business Listing Help You?

Here are a few areas you can yse to get the most out of your Google Business listing:

  • Your contact information. You can easily update your phone number to make sure you dont miss out on any potential customers. You can link an accurate map to your address and also include other information such as the hours over bank holidays.
  • Customer interaction. Managing a business listing with Google can help you engage with customers. You can not only read your customer reviews, but respond to some of them. This helps you build trust with potential customers who are checking out your reviews.
  • Photographs. Adding photos to your business listing not only enhances the look, but it may actually encourage more actions on your listing. According to Google’s statistics, “Businesses that add photos to their listings receive 42% more requests for driving directions on Google Maps. They also receive 35% more clicks to their website.”
  • Anayltics of your listing. Your business listing has an analytics section, so you can see how many times and when your business listing is shown, you can also see what action users have taken, whether it is calling you, getting directions or visiting your website. All interesting things.

How to Set Up Your Google My Business Account

If you’re already convinced, let’s look at the basic steps involved in setting up your business on Google:

  • Visit
  • Enter your business name
  • On the location prompt, select “Yes,” then enter your office address or if you serve areas outside your location, select that option and enter in these areas
  • Type in a business category and select the one most appropriate for your business
  • Select the contact details you want to share with customers, entering in your phone number and current website URL
  • Click “Finish” to finish and verify

Google’s business verification process is a straightforward. Google sends a postcard to your entered address. This postcard contains a code you use to verify the address online.

The benefits off Google My Business outway any reasons not to, so if you havent already go set it up! Any questions please do get in touch.

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