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Why WordPress is the Best Website Platform

Trying to create a website can be tricky sometimes. You might need to learn all the essential programming languages to finally see a working site. However, not everyone can spend months and years on learning HTML, CSS, or other languages to have a successful website being live. But hey! Don’t give up, you can have WordPress on your side. 

Did you know that almost 1.3 billion websites you see over the internet are made with WordPress? Of course, you can use a marketing agency like us if you wish to create something truly amazing. On the other hand, you can try yourself or we can help you install and brand a ready-built template. There is an option for every budget.

Are you still wondering why WordPress is the best platform for building a website? Here are the answers.

Free Access

So it’s your first time, and you’re not willing to pay for a website building platform because it could be risky, right? It’s alright! You’re not the only one who thinks this way. 

Many people are more comfortable creating a website for free so they can do their little experiment. And guess what? WordPress allows you to design a free of cost website.

So, when you choose WordPress, you get everything for free, except for hosting and domain. Remember, a website without a personal domain and hosting might not rank well. Also, your site will not look professional. 

Therefore, purchasing these services is highly recommended. We offer both if needed. ?

Freedom of Building Different Websites

“WordPress is only good for blogs ”, say most people. Well, that’s a huge misunderstanding because WordPress offers the creation of different website types. 

So here’s what you can build when you prefer the WordPress platform:

  • Blogs
  • Coupon and auction sites
  • Portfolios 
  • Business websites
  • Encyclopedia websites, such as Wikipedia
  • Donation collection sites
  • Job boards
  • Chat rooms and galleries
  • Membership sites
  • Forums
  • eCommerce Sites

Hence, it’s proved that WordPress is the one-stop solution for building numerous types and styles of websites as per your requirement. 

Whether you have hired someone to help you or using your own skills to create a site, the platform is entirely boundary-less, allowing you to make a website for your business, or passion. 

Supports Multiple Media Files

WordPress won’t stop you from uploading files like:

  • Audio
  • Video 
  • Images
  • Documents

You’ll never find WordPress telling you that a particular file is not supported. That’s the beauty of this platform. You can simply upload files like PNG, JPG, PDF, GIF, PPTX, MPR, DOC, MP4, AVI, and WMV to your website. Furthermore, the platform permits you to upload even some of the most uncommon file types, such as ODT, KEY, 3gp, and OGG.

Easy to Use and Manage

WordPress is an uncomplicated platform where every option is right in front of you. It’s a user-friendly website-creating place that comes with a built-in management system for updates. This allows you to freely update your themes and plugins by simply logging to your WordPress admin dashboard.

You are also notified when there’s a new WordPress version available. So there’s no difficulty in updating your site. A simple click on the ‘Update’ button can do all the magic. Moreover,ou can create a backup anytime and store it to your preferred location, in case you need it if the site goes down.

Customize Plugins and Themes

Plugins are necessary tools, which help your website in several ways. For instance, you can use them for SEO or to simply clear the unessential files, which are responsible for making your website heavier. Similarly, you can use plugins to increase your website’s speed or to index it. 

On the other hand, WordPress is considered to be the safest platform to run a blog, business website, or an online store. There are several plugins you can use to protect your site from malware and hackers. And while most of them are paid  WordPress offers a wide range of free plugins. 

Likewise, you can choose thousands of attractive themes according to your website’s nature from. The majority of themes are free but you also have an option to buy premium themes. You can also play with the selected theme to change the colour, font size, and overall website’s view. 

If you think you can’t design your website on your own we are here to help you. (Too much selling ourselves?)

Utterly SEO-Friendly 

Although WordPress has a simple interface a lot is going on in the background that is adored by Google and several other search engines. For example the platform uses high-quality codes and creates semantic mark-up which ultimately makes your website rank higher, as the languages are extremely compatible with search engine demands. 

The design is entirely SEO friendly. More than this, you can also use SEO plugins to optimize the website. 

WordPress is a convenient platform to build your website. Yes! You can take help if you are unsure but you can also make a magnificent website by using all the mind-blowing services offered by this platform and it can grow with your business.

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